Westies in Canada
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Welcome to Westies in Canada

This site is dedicated to Westies in Canada - Show Dogs and Pets.  Has your Westie been winning in the show ring?  Send us your Conformation Results and we'll list them for everyone to see.  Send us a picture for a win and we'll add that too!

We'll list info and pictures of your Show Dogs and also have a page dedicated to Stud Dogs.  If you have a Stud Dog and would like to tell us a bit about him, this is the place to do it.  

We'll link to a Breeder's home page, but will not list puppies for sale.  Anyone who wants to purchase a puppy must contact a Breeder directly.  We endeavour to list only reputable Breeders and do not endorse or recommend any individual.  If you suspect that one of our links goes to someone who is not reputable, let us know and we'll investigate and remove that link if necessary.

Does your Westie participate in other activities?  Send us pictures of your Westies in Agility, Earthdog, Obedience and Rally-O.

Is your Westie just a couch potato or your own best friend?  That's okay - even our show dogs are pets first, so send those pictures along and share them as well.

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